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Tara Young

As a mother I know just how fast children grow up. The first year alone is filled with so many amazing milestones. The tiny hands that used to grip my finger are now exploring books and crayons. Before I know it I will be holding that same hand as I walk them to kindergarten. Capturing the true essence of a child is what I strive for as a photographer. Each child is unique; each stage in their life is special. Having worked with children of all ages for many years, as an art teacher, through after school programs and various other forms of childcare, I understand the different methods of approaching a child in order to comfort them so that they are comfortable in front of the camera. I work in a very relaxed manor with no preconceived expectations aside from capturing great moments that you will treasure for a lifetime. With a background and degree in Fine Art Photography, I bring an artistic approach into all of my work. I wish to not only capture your most prized possession through the lens but to create something artistic and beautiful that you will treasure for decades to come. I truly love what I do!

We are more than merely “photographers.” We are the doorway between what the heart feels and what the camera sees. In each of life’s generous moments there is art. There are clues to the future as well as relics from the past. Generations pass in an instant but our eyes tell their tales. We capture these stories and record them into memory through the simple act of being a conscious observer.

Erika Winter

Ever since I was a little girl, I was constantly looking for some way of expressing myself through art. It could have been painting, pottery, scrapbooking, poetry, playing the piano and much more. I grew up among painters, singers, poets and the weekends were family reunions with the last showing of the movies and pictures that my dad had shot during our vacations. I can still hear the noise the old reels made. I remember playing with my dad’s 110 film camera but I was usually in front of the camera then. As I grew older I began to like taking pictures of my cousins and make them look “artsy” I would make them pose or I would look for strange places to shoot some pictures. I must say that I enjoy being in front and behind the camera equally. The only difference is that behind the camera I can express myself just like I did when I was a little girl. As I began my college life, the fact of being thousands of miles away from my family, made me realize that I needed to document my life in some way that they could see and feel what I was experiencing. So I made them feel my life, my successes and my sadness through the lens of my camera. I believe that pictures are messages much more powerful than words and after all, pictures are the tangible memories that will be with us for the rest of our lives. One of my favorite life events to photograph are weddings. Wedding photography gives me the opportunity to feel all the emotions that come with it ; happiness,love, sadness, surprise, hope, fear, to mention some. These are the emotions that drive me into grabbing my camera and connect with life through it. To witness the commitment between two people and to be the one who will tell the story to those ones who were and were not there, is priceless.




Maternity Portraits


Typically taken from 28-32 weeks. This is the first session that captures the new beginnings of your changing family. Creative Fee is $150 weekday/$250 weekend. (Artwork is purchased separately)

Infant & Newborn Photography


It is suggested to photograph Newborns at 8-10 days old, so plan early!  We offer a wonderful Little Miracles one year collection that includes five milestone sessions. From maternity to first birthday. Creative Fee is $150 weekday/$250 weekend for individual sessions. The Little Miracles collection is $595. (Artwork is purchased separately)

Child Photography


I approach photographing children in a couple of ways. Capturing beautiful, timeless portraits, that show the simple beauty in your child. But also focus on capturing them in a true photojournalistic manner, telling the story of who they are, their interests and personality in particular stage of life. I want you to look back and say, I remember this stage. Carrying the doll she wouldn’t leave home without or the missing two front teeth. Their love for superheros or princesses. Creative Fee is $150 weekday/$250 weekend for individual sessions. (Artwork is purchased separately)

Family Portraits


Similar to how I approach children’s photography, I use a mixture of posed portraiture and candid moments that show the connections between you and your children. You do not need a separate session to step in for a few photos with your child, this is all included. Creative Fee is $150 weekday/$250 weekend for individual sessions. (Artwork is purchased separately)

A Day In The Life


Capture your childs special events in an artistic, photo-journalistic way!! The baseball tournament, ballet recital, bar mitzvah, the birth of your child or even just a day at home with the family. Prices vary depending on the length, package, and nature of the event. Please contact for more details on A Day In the Life events.

Wedding Photography


Our main focus is telling your story through imagery.  Making sure we capture all the little details you planned over the months.  It is our job to document all the big moments and small of the day, the tears of love and joy, the connection between loved ones, the first kiss and the last dance of the night.  We want you to look back and be able to relive that moment through imagery.  Although most of our focus in on real, photojournalistic moments, we also pride ourselves on capturing portraits that show your love and beauty on this special day.  We would love to talk with you more about your day.






When is the best time to take pictures?

  • I typically aim to shoot an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset to capture that soft golden light. But more importantly than light is the best time of day for your child. Younger kids tend to do better early morning while teens do better in the evening.
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What should I wear?

  • Upon scheduling I provide you with suggestions and galleries of how to coordinate outfits (this is important for family photos) but mostly wear something that you love and makes you feel great!
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Do you limit outfits?

  • I do not limit the amount of outfits but keep in mind that too many changes can be upsetting for especially young kids. Three is a good number but plan to start in the favorite in case the child doesn’t want to change more than once.
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What are your prices?

  • We know that price is one of the top questions people ask about the studio. We do believe that choosing a photographer based on price can often lead to disappointment. We are a boutique studio, meaning we limit the number of sessions per month to provide quality time to each of our clients. Years of training, top quality equipment and the best products available are factors in the pricing. Quality is extremely important in portraiture because these are art pieces that will be displayed on your walls and will be treasured for a lifetime. For detailed pricing please contact the studio.
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How long does the session last?

  • Sessions typically last an hour. Newborns on average are 2 to 3 hours.
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I really want an outside session what happens if it rains?

  • Cloudy days do not interfere with the quality of pictures in fact it can make for a really beautiful light. But in less you want to do something creative and play in the rain, I am happy to reschedule if we have a downpour. I do ask to wait two hours prior to the session since things can change and weather is impossible to predict, especially in Kentucky.
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We need to reschedule, what is your policy?

  • Unless it is an Illness, I ask that you give me at least 48 hours if possible. I know things can happen last minute in life and I am completely flexible if we need to postpone. Your creative fee allows you to reschedule, I build these days into month.
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My child is sick, should I come anyways?

  • As many parents know toddlers can have a runny nose from the beginning of school to the end. That said if your child has come down with an illness please call to postpone, even day of. When your child is not feeling at their best it will be harder to get the great images that I know you are wanting.
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How long after the session will I see the photos?

  • The average is about two weeks possibly three during my busiest season which is September through November.
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Do you provide props?

  • Whether shooting on location or at the studio I have an insane amount of props from old chairs, wagons to clothing. Before the day of our session we go over details about the look you are wanting and things you might want me to bring.
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I see newborn photos are taken before 10 days old but my child is older, can I still get photos?

  • Yes! It is ideal to do newborns soon than later because they can loose the ability to curl up and they tend to sleep a lot less. That said, I have many tricks and alternatives. Contact the studio ASAP for details.
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Do you have membership in any professional associations?

  • Member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).
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Do you have wedding photography packages?

  • Yes we do and you may modify one to better meet your needs or custom design your own.
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When should we retain your services?

  • You should retain your photographer as soon as you decided on a date and venue.
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Do you take engagement portraits?

  • Yes we do, it comes with all collections silver on up and can be added to the bronze. This is a great way to get comfortable in from of the camera and capture a more casual/fun side of your relationship.
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Do you take bridal portraits?

  • Yes we do for an additional fee or as a substitution of an engagement session.
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How long does it take before I can see my proofs (previews) and will they be available online?

  • Around 6 weeks. They post online for you to share with friends and family. The disk included with all collections and is available as soon as you select images for your album.
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Can you make save the date cards from the engagement pictures?

  • Yes we do, as well as thank you cards after the wedding. I will be happy to show you some design options.
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Do you have an assistant/second shoot? Do I need one?

  • The gold collection includes a second photographer. You may add one on to any other package. Typically unless you have a wedding larger than 300 guests, one photographer will provide you with hundreds of photos.
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Do you use professional photography equipment and is there backup?

  • I use Canon professional equipment, minimum two digital camera bodies/flashes and a wide assortment of lenses.
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At what point before the wedding will photography begin?

  • We recommend that photography begins two hours before the wedding, however as with most things with our service, this to is customizable. We get together about 30 days before the wedding and go over an exact timeline to make sure you get the most out of the hours you select.
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Is there a limit on the number of pictures you take at me wedding?

  • No, the number of pictures we take is determined by how much is happening at your wedding and the time of coverage. On average a couple will see 500-1000 previews. Either way I promise it will be more than enough to sort through and relive the moments!
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I have ideas on what I want from my photographer, are you open to suggestions?

  • We love to hear your input and ideas! If you have a pinterest page or other saved ideas please share them. But please know we are artists and we all see things differently. That is a good thing!
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Can my guests take pictures at the wedding?

  • Absolutely, however we request that during the session immediately after the wedding ceremony that only the photographer takes photos. We have a limited amount of time before the reception and waiting for multiple people to take a shot will slow us down greatly.
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How long will you be at our wedding?

  • The package you choose or create, sets the coverage time. Hours can be added to any collection.
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What type of albums do you carry?

  • We carry flush mount or coffee table albums. Also a couture line. Set up an appointment! I would love to show you in the studio, they are stunning!
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Do we choose the pictures for the album or is it pre-designed?

  • The couple chooses the pictures then we design. We send you a preview and you make make any changes before it is ordered.
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How long will it take for my album to be finished?

  • Upon approval of your design the finished album will be available in 6-8weeks.
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Do I get a DVD with the wedding files?

  • Yes, they are high-resolution image files and a copyright release for personal reproduction. The DVD is delivered along with your album(s).
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Do you require a retainer to book our date?

  • Yes we do and the balance is due one month before the wedding date.
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We are certain that we want to book you but we haven’t decided on the package. Can we upgrade later?

  • You may choose a smaller package to lock in your date because photograph only one wedding per weekend. When you decide on a package you may upgrade.
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