Hey everyone!  I am so excited to share with you these photos of a family I absolutely adore. I’ve been taking photos of them since the youngest was just a few days old. I tell ya, I don’t know where the time goes. This time the youngest brought her lovey along. And he’s a pretty good one!  We were on the cusp of a big storm which added some ominous clouds to our backdrop, but really brought in some vibrant colors of the fall trees here in Kentucky.

We had a lot of fun just exploring the area, climbing on outbuildings, checking out the local community garden and getting lots of hugs and giving lots of kisses to mom. The best thing about photography is it takes a moment and freezes it. With a background in photojournalism, storytelling is so important to me.  One photo can tell a thousand different stories in one million different ways, each viewer brings in their own perspectives in life. For me personally, a photography session is more than just capturing a photo for the holiday card or because the kids have changed and you need new photos, it really is a brief moment of our life that we can forever hold onto, something tangible. Memories, as we know, change and alter as time goes on, but this photo can’t lie. It can’t change. It is a moment. Frozen.

Moms, remember to take photos with your kids. We are typically the ones behind the camera, a lot of times because maybe we don’t feel we look good enough right or we don’t need photos of us, but I can tell you, your child thinks you are the most beautiful person in the world, do this for them. I wish so much that I had something like this with me and my mom as a young child. It just wasn’t something that was done in the 80s, you couldn’t get a photo journalistic session with your family in Georgetown, Kentucky, where I grew up, it was Sears or JC Pennies, posed in front of the same backdrop as your neighbor.  The handful of photos I have with her, mostly from vacations or holidays, are some of my most treasured possessions. But I’ve made it my mission to capture as many moments of my mom with her grandchildren as possible, the real moments; her reading a book or changing a diaper or her expression as she opens a handmade gift. Have I told you lately I love photography, because I do.

I hope you enjoy, I know I loved this session I hope you do too.

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