With many of us around the world hunkering down at home, the idea of travel is unlikely in the next few months, if not longer.  So today I thought I would share some photos from a destination wedding from Trinidad and Tobago.  My first dream, like so many photographers, was to work for the National Geographic.  Traveling the world to capture and document stories of beauty and culture.  Well life didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped at age 20 but I can say that I am blessed to have been able to travel as much as I have and still pursue a career in photography.  I am thankful everyday for the ability to share my passion with others and to do something I absolutely love for a living.  

When I was asked to photograph my brother-in-laws wedding in Tobago, I was so honored.  It was a small ceremony and celebration with only family and close friends.  I have visited a few Caribbean islands but there was something special about T&T.  So many Caribbean islands are overrun by large, corporate resorts but what makes Tobabo so unique is that they don’t have such resorts.  Most of the hotels or villas are small and family owned, making for a more personal experience. Most of the visitors were folks on weekend from Trinidad or Europeans, I heard so many different languages throughout our visit. But of course the best thing I got out of it was an incredible sister-in-law.  

Destination weddings can be a little more stressful, especially when trying to coordinate travel and details from across the sea.  But one thing that really makes them different from a photography standpoint is incorporating the destination itself into the story of your wedding. 

So for those of you dreaming of your next travel adventure or planning a destination wedding of your own, check out a little sliver of paradise from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Oh and fun fact, although they can get hurricanes, it is very rare, making it an idea location for weddings taking place during June-November.  We went in late September, and although hot and humid, we had fantastic weather for the two weeks we were on the island.  Still dreaming of a revisit.  Another fun fact about T&T, Carnival, the week before lent, is huge and one of the most unique carnival celebrations.  People plan their outfits for months and it shows.  Take some time to google their costumes.  Simply amazing!  

Congratulations to any new couples out there and for all of you, take care of yourself and your family during this difficult time.  Thinking of all of you.  We will get through this and as Andy says, we will get through this together.

Love to you all!