Gender Reveal Ideas

I had both of my kids before gender reveal parties were a thing; I totally feel like I missed out on all the fun. At least I get to capture them now!  I thought this would be a fun post to share some different ways where you can reveal gender whether it be at a party or a photo shoot. 

We all know the obvious ones, cut the cake and pop a balloon. But with this trend being worldwide, I thought it would be super fun to look at some obscure gender reveals and well as more traditional ideas. And although “cut the cake” still seems to be the most popular method, there are so many creative ways that people have chosen to reveal the color inside a cake; I’m always impressed by the sheer innovation of creative people. So I did add a few of those into the mix. 
With that said let’s start with the cake ideas. So the idea of a cake reveal is to hide the pink or blue within the cake. You’ve got your frosting, you’ve got candies, the cake itself is dyed. These are all really fun interactive ways to share the gender with your loved ones or even in a cute photo shoot. There’s so many great bakeries all over Louisville, I will include links to some of those as well.  



USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! For real, it is never worth risking injury or destruction. Have you guessed what technique we will be talking about next? If you guessed fireworks and smoke, you got it!

These methods make fore very dynamic photos and theatrics but we all remember the couple that started a fire in the hills of California. Not cool man! So please make sure you check local ordinances and have a professional that knows what they are doing with an explosives. As for smoke bombs, these are all the rage and make for some of the best visuals. Below are a few ideas but pinterest is full of them.

Next we have balloons. Who doesn’t love a balloon? There are so many talented balloon artists, I will add a couple at the end along with any favorite cake decorators. You can create huge displays now with balloons. There is also the simple pop the balloon reveal, never a bad play..

Involve the guests! This next section has some really cute ways to get your guests into the fun. Whether they get to make their own guess, shoot the couple with pink or blue paint filled water guns or play darts to reveal the gender, there are endless ways to bring the party to life!

Below are links to some of my favorite vendors that can help your gender reveal party become a success. But I can say, having one of each, as excited as we all are to find out the sex of our baby (so we can shop, jk!) both are great. I am happy I get to experience both but have all girls or all boys would have been wonderful, too. There is just no greater blessing in my life than my kids. So congratulations to all the new and soon to be parents out there! It is a wild ride!

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