Hey everyone!  Recently, I had someone ask me about a session at the Cresent Hill Reservoir. And I realized I didn’t have any posted on my blog. As much as I wish I had the time to share all my sessions, so many happen in popular months and it takes all I have just to get through shooting, editing and processing, so blogging takes a backseat. But I wanted to slow down and share this one because I forgot how much I loved it! This was a good friend of mine. One of the best compliments is when a friend wants you to do photos of their family. And they have the best little girl. So fun and funny. She is just a doll, with the best curls! 

This was taken as the sun was heading high in the sky, so we already had limitations. If time allows, sunrise and sunset are always the best times to shoot. But with limited weekend spots, in the fall, this is what we had open. Regardless we got some awesome lens flares and found some shade at the end, capturing many great moments, with lots of love being shared. I even got some of just mom and dad, which I have shared before, is so important to slow down and take some time to get couple pictures, too. Not just for you but for your child. I know I love all the photos of my parents together.
Just the other day, I was driving through Middletown for my son’s track meet, and looking around, I realized just how beautiful our city is. Large, beautiful trees cloak the streets. Many with spring buds of white and pink. This is just a stunning place to live.  Every season has something wonderful to offer. The water Reservoir also holds the same charm. Large maples and oaks. The Reservoir itself was built in 1879!  The gothic design of the building is what makes this locations so unique. The reservoir was designed with the hope that people would want to visit, and that they do. Walkers, runners and families adorn the walkway daily, soaking in all of this beauty designed well over a century ago.      
I’m attached a few of my favorite photos from the day, I hope you enjoy!
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