Louisville Wedding Photographer, Seelbach Louisville, KY

This was one of the best weddings for a photographer for so many reason.  The couple was married at the brides family home in Indiana then came across the bridge for the reception at the famous Seelbach hilton hotel.  The bride and groom looked glamerous against the hotels art deco decor, straight out of a seen from The Great Gatsby.  The reception was held in the basement in the Rathskeller room, a room made of pottery shipped from Cincinnati in 1907.  The room is adorned with beautiful arches and unique greek decor.  This hotel is a must visit for those touring Louisville or for you living here that have never witnessed its beauty.  Such a treasure to our city.  Enjoy a few of my favorite photos of this lovely couple.  Cheers!

Our approach is simple, telling your story through imagery.  Decades ago, when my parents were married, wedding photography was something very different.  Every photo was perfectly planned and presented with twenty or so very similarly posed photos.  That isn’t for me, not that I don’t love and cherish my parents photos, I greatly do, I treasure them, but we are artists and keeping within a box is not what we do best. What made me fall in love with wedding photography is that it is no longer just capturing the “big moments” of the day, it is using artistic imagery, expression, photojournalism and storytelling, through an understanding of lighting and skilled photography, to capture the unique moments of your day.  What we do goes well beyond the first dance and caking cutting, of course we love to get those too, but our main objective is capturing your love and connection through the artistic lens.  Documenting the details and colors that you planned months to get just right.  The grooms smile as he watches his bride walk towards him down the isle, to become husband and wife.  Two families coming together, old friends sharing laughs, kids sneaking peaks at the wedding cake, wondering if it will ever be cut, first dances or granny busting a move.  We want to capture all of those pieces that tell the story of your love and the new journey you share as a couple. Telling your story is our our commitment, though high quality work, years of experience and the best equipment, products and high quality albums the industry has to offer.  Heirlooms and moments that will be shared for generations to come.  This is a lifelong investment that is hard not to afford.  We work with you from beginning to end helping you choose the perfect collection, so you get all of your wants and needs.  We are based out of Lexington and Louisville KY.  We photograph mostly throughout Kentucky, but also travel throughout the nationwide with a extension market in Colorado.  We also love to bring out the passport and travel world wide for destination weddings. Please ask about this unique experience.  We look forward to hearing from you and how we can best serve your needs, please contact us with any questions.  I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.