It’s been awhile!  I feel summer goes so fast.  I will say this first week of August is such a gift; the weather is absolutely perfect. Summer sessions in Kentucky are unpredictable, basically like every other season.  LOL. I guess that’s why I like it Kentucky, keeps you on your toes.  But anyone who’s been here over the months of June, July and August knows that we can have some crazy hot days, so mornings are best. But mornings also come very early.  I give it up to this family, with two twin toddlers, for starting early enough to catch such beautiful morning light. 

,Family Photography is not just about capturing us in perfect smiles and positions, with our hands placed strategically. For me, family photography is about the moments in between the pose. The laughter, the silliness, the love. This family had all of that. I was so happy to share in these moments with this beautiful, loving family.eNow that my daughter is about to start high school in a week and a half, it has had me really reflecting on my own time as a parent, and how fast it goes. I think women tend to live in the past a little bit more than men, not saying that is true for all. But it’s not something I regret. I do admire being able to live in the moment and look into the future, those are valuable things, but for me the most wonderful thing about memories is going back to a time my life, that I didn’t even know was so special at the time, in a sense, reliving it. Photography definitely helps this, it helps trigger moments.  It’s overwhelming that we have photos of us everywhere and of everything but it will be interesting to see how it effects our memories going forward. So my PSA for the month of August is to make sure that you get photos with and of the people you love.  Having lost a couple people during 2020, I realize, even more, how dear photos are to me.  Video too!  So take lots of photos, get photos taken of you, document your memories, because our lives are valuable and our stories matter.  

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