Over the next month I hope to mix in some of the great fall sessions I had in 2019 along with new.  The rush to Christmas puts blogging on the back burner every year.  My one and only focus becomes getting orders and sessions complete before the big day.  I would say nearly three quarters of my sessions take place from September to November.  The holiday card phenomena is real folks!  Or because it is so pretty.  Either way.  But I had so many wonderful families and sessions, so hopefully I can roll some out before things pick up again in March.


For this next post, I wanted to share one of my favorite sessions of the year.  It was so real and fun.  And Mom gave me the best compliment.  When she received the photos she told me I captured the kids personality perfectly.  That is really why I do what I do.  As a mom, I know how fast this all goes and how much they change every year.  Capturing their energy, personality and family connections is my goal, so when you look back years from now you can say, I remember that look or I loved when she did that.


I can’t tell you how much I love this family.  I have been photographing both of these little cuties since they were inside their mommy’s belly.  For this session we got grandma and grandpa to join us for photos and it really took the session to a new level. Add in a fantastic location, that mom found, at sunset and of course her impeccable style, and it is a winning combination.  Now this session was mid September at sunset, so I can tell you that the second we arrived the mosquitos were in full force.  I edited out lots of red bits, poor kiddos.  Not the best way to start a session for kids their age but they were tough, mom being so relaxed and easy going helped.


My favorite moment was when we had a gaggle of geese (is that right?!) hanging out and mom told the kids to run through and they can fly, it could be a cool shot.  They weren’t convinced of the idea so mom did it.  Well, the geese weren’t going anywhere.  I can’t love that moment enough.  The geese didn’t give one care, as you can see on their faces, but hooray for mom for being spontaneous!  I love it!  And of course we had to get a silly face shot at the end.


I will let the rest of the photos speak for themselves.  Cheers!