This is your time.  High School Senior photos are more than just a photo for the yearbook, they are a time to celebrate your unique style and interests.  Who are you and what do you want to remember about your last year in high school.  Contact us for details. 

Be Bold.  Be Creative.  Be You. 

Together we will create one of a kind images that are both modern & timeless, yet authentically YOU! I want these images to reflect on you and your style. Your interests whether that be music, art, dance or sports. We can hit up a cool old record store or do ballet on the city bridge. The ideas are endless.

We’ll choose just the right looks for each of the areas we’ll be shooting in, utilize amazing natural lighting in a various settings. I work with you outfits and makeup.

Let’s give them a little glam, a little attitude, channel your inner model and just have fun!  Oh and of course deliver your parents some stunning classic looks that they’ll love for a lifetime.

We Make Memories.

We offer timeless collections that include both Fine Art Prints and digital files for social media. Metal, Canvas and other unique finishes available from the best labs in the country. Contact the studio for details on scheduling and packaging.  



“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt


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