How to Display Your Photos


September 25, 2023

How to Best Display Your Photos

by Tara Young | Sep 9, 2022 | Displaying artwork

Have you been asking yourself, now that I have all of these amazing images, what should I do with them? Well great news for you because I’m going to break down some of my favorite new products in the industry, some need to be purchased through your professional photographer, others are available to consumers.  But one thing I do suggest is get those photos off of a thumb drive or purchase them from your photographer, and put them into your environment. Enjoy them!  

Let’s talk about just the most common artwork used to display photography. The two most common are classic frames and canvas. When it comes to picking out a frame, there’s so many more options today in there used to be. Is your style modern, or rustic, maybe traditional or elegant.

All of these styles can be met with new framing companies on the market or even Etsy or Amazon. Make sure you talk with your photographer about designing arrangements for you, one large photo is fantastic, but if you can do a series with varying sizes, it’s really going to make a stunning conversation piece for your home.  Get creative and have fun with it!  I love this frames with a frame idea, I need to do this!  

A few of these have been around for the last few years but I love them and have clients that purchase these consistently. Metal, wood and acrylics. These techniques enhance the visual quality of the final piece. I have several metal pieces all over my home, I love them because they are vibrant without needing glass to give it that sheen. I love the unique hardware that my company offers. I use professional companies that sell to photographers only. These are one set of products that I would not trust a consumer site with.

As of now, professional printing companies offer a better quality products, more accurately matching the color of the original image with higher quality materials. I especially recommend this if you’re printing anything over an 11 x 14, as quality really is highlighted at larger sizes.

Aside from metal, I listed wood and acrylics. Acrylic is an added layer on top of the a photo print. it gives it a 3-D quality, these are great for desks or bookshelves. I gift these a lot. It can also be added to larger, hangable art pieces. Lastly wood, for these the print is directly printed on wood, displaying the grain through the image for a very organic feel. You can also print directly onto paper and adhere that to a wood piece. Those look great with a bamboo 3D edge. Below are some photos of some of my favorite products in this field.

The last set I’m going to do are just some unique and fun ways to display your photos, some you can even do yourself, such as photo transfers. I first did this when I was in college. A popular activity is to do these on coasters, you just need a printer common image and a blank textured coaster or wood. Here is a link to the activity.

I hope everyone enjoyed this and hit me up if you have any questions about any of these products or if you’re interested in creating some artwork for your home. Servicing Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio, Indiana. Family portraits, weddings, senior photography, pet photography. Best Louisville family photographer.

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