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October 9, 2023

Erin and Gerrard were married at Erin’s family home in the beautiful rolling hills of Kentucky.  I moved from Kentucky when graduating high school, I moved out to Montana and lived out west, from California to Colorado, for 10 years, before moving back home.  

I didn’t appreciate the beauty of Kentucky until I came back to get married. It was in showing my husbands family our states wonderful food, culture and vibrant green four post horse farms that I realized just how spectacular our state is.  I took it for granted. Don’t get me wrong, as a photographer at a young age, I have always sought out beautiful places, and we have a lot in Kentucky.

In high school we would spend many weekends exploring the gorge or find where old roads lead.  So I knew beauty existed, but it is more than just those extra special places, its the entire state.

There is something special about home weddings.  The first being they are always unique and personal.   I have shot at huge horse farms, small starter homes, city mansions and in small back yards.  They are some of my favorites.  Each room has years of stories.  Just taking photos of Erin getting her make up done in the kitchen made me think of all the happy moments and meals shared, that have happened over the years, in that one room.  Maybe it is the mom in me that takes me down that road or the story teller but either way I love them.

Erin’s home was also on an amazing property. It was a working farm, with huge, old trees and rustic barns.  Just my style.  Enjoy a few favorites.

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