How to Look Your Best in Headshots

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October 23, 2023

I thought I would throw together some tips for looking your best in head shots. I get these questions a lot so I thought it be best to put it to paper. Hope this helps! I do offer headshots which I suggest updating every year or two. Please reach out to the studio if you are looking for individual or company headshots in the Louisville Kentucky area.

Get to Know Your Face. This applies to professional photoshoots as well as everyday photos. Take time getting to know your face, how to smile naturally and which side or angle of your face you like better. Communicate that to your photographer. Also, share what you love best about yourself. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase smile with your eyes, this is the idea that sometimes we just smile with our mouth and we need to remember that a real smile changes how her eyes look, so make sure that it looks natural and welcoming.

  1. Sometimes Less is More. While an evening out is a different story for makeup, go easy on the cosmetics if you have headshots, family, or maternity photos. You want some basic coverage but don’t overdo it. You should also only stick to accentuating one part of your face, so choose either your eyes or lips but not both. Heavy eye makeup can make eyes appear dark in photos. Also, fake lashes, if not use to them, can make you blink or have heavy eyes. Always practice this prior to the session.
  2. Facing the camera. Your photographer will help you when it comes to posing for photos, but in general, you shouldn’t be facing the camera head-on. Positioning your body at an angle always makes for better pictures. For women we think of your body like an S with your face looking at the camera, turn your body to the side and put weight away from the camera.
  3. Controlling your chin. Photos where your neck is elongated and your chin is pushed slightly forward will lift your face and give it a more angular look. Do you want to lift your chin but also not look like you’re stretching it, practice this a few times in the mirror.
  4. Planning your Outfit. Put some thought into what you’ll wear to your shoot. For head shots, think about your position, if you’re in a job that’s artsy you can be a little more bold. But if you’re in a profession like law, you might wanna stick to neutral colors gray‘s, blues or blacks. Pair bold designs and patterns with solid colors to avoid too much distraction. You should also pay attention to the fit and shape of your outfit. Make sure it compliments you and that you feel comfortable.
  5. Soft Hands. It’s very natural to not know what to do with our hands. Of course the photographer will help guide you but remember to keep hands soft and relaxed. Also an old modeling trick is to put your hands to the sky prior to posing, so the blood rushes away from our veins. It makes our hands look softer and younger. When people are nervous, sometimes they can hold tight, but really you need a very gentle touch if touching in the other part of your body, for example crossing your arms. So the trick is just to relax, I get it easier said than done. I much prefer to be behind the camera.

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