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November 17, 2023

I have been thankful to work with this amazing family for many years.  This time around the family decided to welcome their new addition with a newborn session at home, here in Louisville, Kentucky.  I have expressed this before that these are my favorite sessions and believe they will be some of the most treasured.  It doesn’t matter what size your home is, what matters are the connections in the place where you spend a majority of your days or at least these precious new days.  

We can shoot in just one room, in this case we used the babies room and her big sisters room.  Home sessions are also great when you have other young kids you want to incorporate into the session.  Home is a place of comfort and security.  Plus newborn sessions are among some of the longest, so a studio can be difficult for young kids.

Having worked with this family before I knew that big sis would love to have her photos taken and having seen her is this roll before, knew she would be a great big sister and show that love.  She was so excited to take a photo with her on her new rug.  

Many times I will let the kids choose a spot or two of where they would like their photos.  Giving them some control and power, which usually results in some of the sweetest moments.  Big brother on the other hand was at a more challenging age.  It took a little more patience to want to do posed photos with the family.  Everything has changed and although I knew he loved her, it felt overwhelming.

So my goal is to give them space until they are ready to join.  And if all else fails, I am a big believer in bribery, lol.  Whatever it takes, right?!  Either way we got some great photos and I am excited to share them.  Enjoy!

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