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I absolutely loved this couple! Witnessing the love and care they have for each other was the highlight of my year. It restored my faith in love and commitment. They were married quite close to my home in Crestwood, on a family farm and wedding venue in Eminence, Kentucky called the Barn at Seven Gables. […]

Christy and Tom

January 8, 2024

Wedding Photography

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I thought I would throw together some tips for looking your best in head shots. I get these questions a lot so I thought it be best to put it to paper. Hope this helps! I do offer headshots which I suggest updating every year or two. Please reach out to the studio if you […]

How to Look Your Best in Headshots

October 23, 2023

Headshot Photographer

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This beautiful lady was the subject of my very first “professional” newborn session. Man I was nervous. She was so tiny and fragile. But so cute!  I have learned many tricks over the years but will always have a special place in my heart for this young lady. It is hard to imagine, having known […]


October 5, 2023

Portrait Photographer

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Last fall may have been one of the prettiest falls I remember, and it started very early.  The weather was all over the place, from hot to cold, even got snow for one weekend.  Either way, it was a photographers dream!  Leaves are just starting to change, it is hard to know how things will […]

Family in Anchorage KY

September 29, 2023

Family Portraits

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How to Best Display Your Photos by Tara Young | Sep 9, 2022 | Displaying artwork Have you been asking yourself, now that I have all of these amazing images, what should I do with them? Well great news for you because I’m going to break down some of my favorite new products in the […]

How to Display Your Photos

September 25, 2023


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Hey everyone! I have been photographing this family since their oldest was just a little baby. I can’t believe how grown up they both are getting. I am always excited for this family, not only because they are so photogenic, but they just have such love for each other and are super stylish, a winning […]

Louisville Family Photography

September 11, 2023

Family Portraits

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Hey everyone!  Louisville Family Photographer here! I wanted to share with you a wonderful fall family portrait session.  This beautiful family moved to Louisville for a short time during the pandemic.  This session was set the week they moved back to the Northeast.  It wasn’t the sunniest of days and we got some sprinkles at […]

Family on the Falls of Ohio

September 6, 2023

Family Portraits

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Fall is family portrait season when families gather together to capture their annual photograph in anticipation of holiday cards and gifts.  It is also my most popular time of year because it’s just so beautiful here in Kentucky. Every year I get similar questions so I thought I would use this blog post to answer […]

What to Know-Fall Family Photo Session

August 31, 2023

Family Portraits