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I absolutely loved this couple! Witnessing the love and care they have for each other was the highlight of my year. It restored my faith in love and commitment. They were married quite close to my home in Crestwood, on a family farm and wedding venue in Eminence, Kentucky called the Barn at Seven Gables. […]

Christy and Tom

January 8, 2024

Wedding Photography

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I have been thankful to work with this amazing family for many years.  This time around the family decided to welcome their new addition with a newborn session at home, here in Louisville, Kentucky.  I have expressed this before that these are my favorite sessions and believe they will be some of the most treasured. […]

Newborn at home

November 17, 2023

newborn photography

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There are so many hidden treasures in our beautiful city of Louisville, KY.  When looking at studio spaces, I ran across this unique space in Nulu that was being converted into lofts.  The owner had to wait on the red tape and offered his space for my studio until he received the paperwork to begin […]

Bridal Session

November 13, 2023

Wedding Photography

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Summer sessions in Kentucky are unpredictable, basically like every other season.  LOL. I guess that’s why I like it Kentucky, keeps you on your toes.  But anyone who’s been here over the months of June, July and August knows that we can have some crazy hot days, so mornings are best. But mornings also come […]

Twin cuteness

November 9, 2023

Family Portraits

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I thought I would throw together some tips for looking your best in head shots. I get these questions a lot so I thought it be best to put it to paper. Hope this helps! I do offer headshots which I suggest updating every year or two. Please reach out to the studio if you […]

How to Look Your Best in Headshots

October 23, 2023

Headshot Photographer

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Erin and Gerrard were married at Erin’s family home in the beautiful rolling hills of Kentucky.  I moved from Kentucky when graduating high school, I moved out to Montana and lived out west, from California to Colorado, for 10 years, before moving back home.   I didn’t appreciate the beauty of Kentucky until I came […]

Home Wedding in Kentucky

October 9, 2023

Wedding Photography

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This beautiful lady was the subject of my very first “professional” newborn session. Man I was nervous. She was so tiny and fragile. But so cute!  I have learned many tricks over the years but will always have a special place in my heart for this young lady. It is hard to imagine, having known […]


October 5, 2023

Portrait Photographer

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Last fall may have been one of the prettiest falls I remember, and it started very early.  The weather was all over the place, from hot to cold, even got snow for one weekend.  Either way, it was a photographers dream!  Leaves are just starting to change, it is hard to know how things will […]

Family in Anchorage KY

September 29, 2023

Family Portraits

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How to Best Display Your Photos by Tara Young | Sep 9, 2022 | Displaying artwork Have you been asking yourself, now that I have all of these amazing images, what should I do with them? Well great news for you because I’m going to break down some of my favorite new products in the […]

How to Display Your Photos

September 25, 2023


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Hey everyone!  This is my second session with this wonderful family and I couldn’t have been more excited to meet their newest. She is an absolute doll, just like her older sister. The forecast wasn’t as ideal as we would have liked it to be but that did not rain on our parade. Sometimes cloudy […]

Love in Anchorage KY

September 20, 2023

Family Portraits